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Buy Sofa Cum Bed Online From Furniturewalla

A sofa cum bed with storage is the best alternative when you're looking for Online furniture shopping that requires less space. Furniturewalla is your go-to source for modern and contemporary folding sofa beds and sofa sets online. Our wide selection of sofa cum beds spans the modern design spectrum with offerings from the modern and contemporary styles like pull-out, sectional sofa, futons, sleeper sofa, daybeds & pullout pop-ups. Luxury designs that look elegant yet functional.

Get the Best Sofa cum beds from Furniturewalla @ Flat 30% Off and get Free delivery with 100% Customer Satisfaction

The two main considerations when Shopping for a sofa cum beds are form, size, functionality & features, each of which has an impact on others. Firstly, get to know the different styles of sofa cum beds that blend with the existing orientation of your room with a little adjustment. Secondly, inspect the shape and space in your room precisely.

Before Buying sofa cum beds Online you should check what types of sofa beds and sofa cum beds you are gonna buy online. These small decisions gonna help you to choose the Best Sofa Cum Beds. For example, a sectional sofa cum beds might not occupy as much space as a pull-out. With wee adjustments here and there you can make multiple uses of this piece. Get your sofa cum beds online at a lower price.

Also, Before Buying any sofa cum beds Online you can talk to our furniture Specialist @ 80000 33403 about the sofa cum beds and sofa cum beds.

Here at Furniturewalla, You can get different types of sofa cum beds at are flexible and most reliable according to your comfort. You can find a variety of sofa cum beds online from us. You can Buy it from our site or else, you can visit our store in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Below are the types of Sofa cum beds that we are currently providing.

Why Do You Need Sofa Cum Bed?

Sometimes, small apartments can pose a problem to lack of space. Even hosting guests in a small apartment is almost impossible. In such cases, buying a sofa cum bed is probably the best decision.

Storage Space

You can put your extra accessories, books, newspaper, and other important documents under the Sofa cum Bed where storage space is provided. Anything that took a lot of space can be easily placed under the mattress of the convertible sofa beds. Besides the best prices, this sofa cum uses every inch of space.


As per your requirements, you can turn it into a sofa or a convertible sofa bed and can use it to both entertain your guests and for your nap time. Turning a bed into a sofa and a sofa into a bed can sound like a lot of work which is usually carried out by professionals. But the sofa cum bed is designed in such a way that anybody can use it without facing any problem at all.

Easy to Use

The light material and lubricated joints make the entire process extremely easy and do not require more than one person to carry it out. All that you need to do is pull out the metal frame that is situated underneath the furniture and then lay out the bed. It is also usually provided with a simple mechanism for easy mobility.

Budget Frienldy

A sofa cum bed is economic, convenient, useful, and visually pleasing. It will not only fit well within your budget but will also make your home more sophisticated. It is not just a piece of Sofa cum bed Sets, but the comfort that you are having for yourself and your home is budget friendly

Should you Buy Sofa Cum Bed Online from Furniturewalla?

Yes, You can buy Sofa cum bed sets online from Furntiurewalla. All the sofa cum beds are well checked and before shipping. Our experts for Sofa cum beds are well trained for selecting the best sofa cum bed for the customers. All sofa cum beds can be folded as per your choices. Folding sofas can be folded at any time. They can help you to choose the best designer sofa cum bed as per your choice and requirements. Also to check the products in reality you can visit our stores that are in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. You can visit our stores and select your convertible sofa bed physically. Sofa cum bed furniture is a perfect blend of style, comfort, space optimization, and functionality. If your room features vintage decor, then you can go for an antique-looking wooden sofa come bed design.

How to Take Care of Your Sofa

Sofa occupies the pride of place in your living room and any flaws show up strongly on it. Luxury sofas need special care because they are meticulously crafted and cost you more. Whether you have a fabric, leather or a leatherette take some simple everyday measures that can extend the life of your precious furniture and keep it fresh and new for years.

  • NO EATING, NO PETS, NO SHOES ON THE SOFA: Hair, morsels of food, stains, and smell can ruin the fabric and it may be irremovable. A blanket rule can make everyone be aware of the priority. If you must have a TV dinner, do use trays.
  • NO SUN: Keep your Sofa away from direct Sun. It causes the upholstery to fade. If the position of the sofa is fixed, use curtains to block out the sun, when you are not at home.
  • DUST IS YOUR ENEMY NO 1: Vacuum your sofas, because, on light color upholstery, dust isn’t visible but settle and discolor fabric.
  • IMMEDIATELY REMOVE STAINS: Accidents will or may happen. So don’t let an accidental stain settle in. Use a dry cloth to immediately soak up spills. Home remedies for stain removal include Soft detergent, white vinegar solution in water, Carbonated water, and Baking Soda. But first, treat a small unseen section for effective cleaning and blemish-free cleaning before applying to a larger area. The best thing to do is to call for a professional sofa cleaning service.
  • Frequently Asked Question

    Which sofa cum bed is best to buy?

    Here at Furniturewalla, All the Sofa Beds are Best. Also, you can choose as per your choice and requirements

    What are the different types of sofa cum bed?

    You can get Convertible sofa bed, sectional sofa bed, L shaped sofa bed and many others.

    Can i Turn Sofa Bed into Sofa Sets?

    Yes, you can easily turn sofa cum beds into sofa set

    Is Shipping for the Sofa Bed is Free?

    Yes, It is Free shipping to all over India