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Lighting and Lamps

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Buy Designer Lighting and Lamps

Accurated collection of modern and designer lighting, trending around the globe. Shop lighting online or from signature Furniturewalla FW stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Explore a distinctive selection of online floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lights, ceiling lights, crystal and glass chandeliers that will add glamour to your home and furniture. Lamps that use wood, crystal, glass, antique brass, bronze finish, coffee brown finish, and such creative fusion designs.

Choose Latest Lamps and Lighting

Creative lighting adds mood and personality to your home and living room. Emphasize different corners or zones with stylish gentle, diffused, and textured lighting. Decorative lighting fixtures contribute to your décor and different rooms and spaces can be creatively supported with thoughtful lighting pieces.

Hanging lights concentrate attention, glass, pendant, and crystal chandeliers turn on charm, class, and the festive spirit. They are very impressive when used for the dining room and look impactful when guests arrive and the food is laid out. Demure lighting of table lamps and floor lamps make spaces gentle, inviting, and thoughtful. Room corners are well utilized by standing lamps and lighting which become a décor even when unlit.

Why Lighting and Lamps?

Lighting is very important in any space in your living room. Lighting has functional purposes, but it also brightens the beauty, interest, and often creates a magical moment. When designing a space, lighting needs to be addressed as soon as space itself, and how it will be used, are defined.

  • Brighten a space
  • Task Work
  • Reading
  • Visual Interest

  • Frequently Asked Question

    What type of Lighting is best for living room?

    Lamps, Ceiling lights, chandeliar lights, and others lights are the best for living room

    Which Light colors makes the room brighter?

    According to us, soft tone like off - White makes the room brighter.

    What if the Lighting get broken when shipping?

    We carefully package every product so it won't break. In case, if it's got broke we will exchange the product with a new one.