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Fabric Sofas

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Choose Your Sofa Sets Online

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for complete sofa sets design, imported luxury furniture, and home décor. A sofa is usually the centerpiece of the drawing-room and dictates the use of all support pieces. Select a style from classic, edgy modern, chic fusion, clean-lined or elegant, and express with your Furniturewalla sofa set design. A creative sofa configuration like the modular or sectional sofa expands the usage options and helps in easily resetting the look of the space. Depending on your space, choose any configuration of 1 seater, 2 seaters, 3 seater sofas. Visit our signature luxury furniture stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, or Hyderabad, browse our select collections in Fabric, Leather, or faux leather, and transform your home.

Luxury designer leather sofa sets for your living room ensemble from Furniturewalla. Introduce sophistication and warmth to your space with plush single-seater, two-seater, and three-seater leather sofas. Explore our exclusive range of leather sofa sets online in faux leather, leatherette sofa and chesterfield styled sofas with wooden legs. Shop furniture online or from signature Furniturewalla FW stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Fabric Sofa

Sofa set designs with fabric upholstery add a sublime status to your living room furniture. Each design from Furniturewalla’s Fabric sofa collection can count for a timeless piece in your living room. Perfect for living rooms, our fabric sectional sofa sets design make a stylish statement. Create your own sectional design with our left arms, right arms, single-seater, 2 seaters, 3 seater, chaise pieces, loveseats, chesterfields, couches, lounge sofas, modular sofa, and more. Constructed of high-quality frames and upholstery, our sofas are designed to last.

Available in all stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

A sofa set is the spotlight of any living room. Going with the trend, make a color selection from the ‘humble hues’ for your new sofa. Beige, a sofa color that will work pretty much in any style. With cooler beiges and warmer beiges available, there’s beige for every space. Similarly, gray proves to be the best choice for neutral colors. Like beige, there are warmer grays and cooler grays, as well as lighter and darker grays, so it’s easy to find the right gray for your space. Last but not the least, brown. It may not be the most exciting color around but it can add warmth and earthiness to an interior for those seeking more natural color palettes.

How to Take Care of Your Sofa

Sofa occupies the pride of place in your living room and any flaws show up strongly on it. Luxury sofas need special care because they are meticulously crafted and cost you more. Whether you have a fabric, leather or a leatherette take some simple everyday measures that can extend the life of your precious furniture and keep it fresh and new for years.

  • NO EATING, NO PETS, NO SHOES ON THE SOFA: Hair, morsels of food, stains, and smell can ruin the fabric and it may be irremovable. A blanket rule can make everyone be aware of the priority. If you must have a TV dinner, do use trays.
  • NO SUN: Keep your Sofa away from direct Sun. It causes the upholstery to fade. If the position of the sofa is fixed, use curtains to block out the sun, when you are not at home.
  • DUST IS YOUR ENEMY NO 1: Vacuum your sofas, because, on light color upholstery, dust isn’t visible but settle and discolor fabric.
  • IMMEDIATELY REMOVE STAINS: Accidents will or may happen. So don’t let an accidental stain settle in. Use a dry cloth to immediately soak up spills. Home remedies for stain removal include Soft detergent, white vinegar solution in water, Carbonated water, and Baking Soda. But first, treat a small unseen section for effective cleaning and blemish-free cleaning before applying to a larger area. The best thing to do is to call for a professional sofa cleaning service.