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Wall Clocks

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Buy Designer Wall Clocks Online from Furniturewalla

Tell the time in style with our range of wall clocks crafted in metal, wood, and glass. Decorative wall clocks are a fusion of form and function. A statement clock has the power to transform a plain wall into an attractive focal point or create a chic, understated look. Shop online or in stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Make a note of a few things, before you plan to buy a wall clock online or select one from a store. Which space our timepiece will be mounted in, the size, and the shape. Square or round? Antique or contemporary? Select a clock that fits right with the tone and vibe of your room. Look for large wall clocks for your living room and small fancy wall clocks or hanging wall clocks for compact rooms. You can also go for common wall clock designs like square wall clocks, round wall clocks, metal wall clocks, or wooden wall clocks.

Choose 2021 Latest Wall Clocks

At Furniturewalla, we have the 2021 latest collection of designer wall clocks for you. You can choose any wall clock products from here. You can order online from here or visit our stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Once you order your products will be shipped from here with proper checked and packaged. Shipping will be free of cost. You can return the product once if it gets damaged or broken during the shipping. Our team of experts will help you to choose the best wall clocks for you. For that, you can call our customers to support number. Our Team will help you to choose the best designer wall clocks for your home and decor.

Types of Wall Clocks Online

Wall clocks are the most important objects. Nowadays, the living house has at least one or two clocks hanging on the walls, it may be in the office or maybe in public spaces. Clocks help us to show the flow of our day and to stay on schedule with those around with no wonder they are so essential. First, decide how large or big your wall clock should be. This depends on how big the wall is or how much impact you want the mirror to make. Decide whether you want to buy a rectangular or circular one or an unusual shape to catch an eye. Choose the color of the wall clocks considering the theme of your living room.

There are different types of clocks available at Furniturewalla. You can choose and select wall clocks from our site. Here are the types of wall clocks.

  • Circular Wall Clock
  • Retro Wall Clock
  • Metallic Wall Clock
  • Vintage Wall Clock
  • Outdoor Wall Clock
  • Indian Ethnic Wall Clock

  • Frequently Asked Question

    What are the Top Selling Wall Clocks

    At Furntiurewall, Metallic Wall clock, circular wall clock, and indian ethnic wall clocks are top selling proucts

    What are the types of wall clocks are made with?

    Our Wall Clocks are made with Glass, steel, wood,and iron

    What are the Shape of wall Clocks

    Wall Clock are of different shapes like circle, rectangle, abstract, square, and many others.