The wedding season has filled the aura with zeal and zest. Grand celebrations and wedding preparations are unequivocally in full swing, and the number of guests is endless. Your house becomes the social rendezvous for everyone. Wedding celebrations are bound to be grand and your abode should manifest the same spirit! Make your home stand out of the ordinary in grandiosity and luxury with Furniturewalla’s striking collection of home decor and enthralling wedding decorations.

Unexpected guests and overnight stays are ineluctable during weddings. One can never get enough of them, especially during weddings you know! For such special occasions, you should opt for a capacious seating layout but never compromise on your style and your room’s ambience. L Shaped Sofas, Modular Sofas , and Sofa Cum Beds are some of the furnishings that would perfectly cater to your priorities. Take a glimpse of some stunning collections of comfort and grandeur like the Valencia Sofa Cum Bed , Alden Fabric Modular Sofa Set , Veronica Fabric Sectional Sofa and much more only at Furniturewalla . Some glamorous and resourceful coffee and end table sets would also make a perfect match.

Another way to make your space look posh and grand is by adding lounge and accent chairs to your decor. Brianna Fabric Leisure Chair , Antia Fabric Wing Chair , and Vincent Leisure Chair With Foot Rest are some of the most palatial pieces that will add a new level of grandiosity that stays matchless. Moreover, its aura is exceptionally versatile which makes it a perfect fit for your living room and bedroom as well. Furthermore, some stylish and classy benches and pouffes can be the best addition to your personal space.

However, the most stylish addition to your bedroom would be the most timeless of all - mirrors ! Mirrors cast aesthetic glory on one’s space with their magical presence. Moreover, the Mirrors and the Dressers With Mirrors from Furniturewalla are an inessential enhancement. Vintage hues blended with exclusive designs like Furniturewalla’s Constanza Dresser With Mirror , Imelda Dresser With Mirror , Montez Dresser With Mirror and a lot more magnificent pieces will be the most wondrous element in your wedding theme.

Wedding festivities can never be complete without lights and why not? Lights are the emblem of merriment and mirth. It redefines your ambience like no other. So now we are going to talk about the most treasured elements of wedding decor, Lanterns ! The most ancient art piece modernised into a voguish look that never ceases to radiate purity, love, and joy and that’s all we need for an auspicious occasion like a wedding right? Santos Lanterns , Noor Lantern and other stately lanterns from Furniturewalla are adornments that you should not miss out on if you wish to add the most natural and purest form of radiance and light to your wedding decor.

Now, while beautifying your entire home with resplendence, how can we abandon those beautiful, sweet corners? Let the corners be enlightened with the sparkling beauty of candle stands ! Its coruscating magnificence with the twinkling glow of flames will fill your home with pristine serenity and peace. Here are some of the choicest creations by Furniturewalla that includes the Onora Candle Holder , Valerie Pillar Candle Holder , Adella Pillar Candle Holder and many more exquisite candle stands that are the finest choice for a wedding house. Complementing it with an inspiring painting or an avant-garde clock would be an absolute win!

While you paint the town red with your wedding shenanigans, let luxury and grace style up your abode. Auspiciousness deserves to be solemnised in the most magical and celestial ambience. With Furniturewalla, turn your dream wedding decor into reality, and that too, effortlessly.

Diwali- the festival of lights and jubilation is around the corner. A time when the entire town is painted in glowing and twinkling lights of vibrant hues. Light even in its truest spirit and as an element of decor has the power to influence your mood and space like no other. The natural sunlight falling through your window instantly radiates a unique level of calmness and tranquility. The Diwali season, needless to say, calls for a remodeling of your home, and while buying lavish and luxury furniture always tops the list, adding the luminance of stylish lights is the best way to draw attention to your decor.

Let’s browse through some of Furniturewalla’s aesthetic and unique lighting décor to enhance the appearance of your home!

A marvellous room decor will have your guests glaring all over your room in wonder. And when their eyes reach your ceiling, have them awe-struck with some exquisitely gorgeous ceiling lights décor. From Arell ceiling Light and Anessa Silver Pendant Light to Aureliana Chandelier, we have a large assortment of opulent ceiling lights that will elegantly enlighten your ambience. These sumptuous ceiling lights are the perfect way to turn the spotlight on your plush home decor like artistic paintings or gorgeous photo frames to light up your Diwali decor!

Do you also have a special spot in your room for some serene moments? Floor lamps are a smart way to exclusively illuminate a special seating area in your room that creates a cosy and comfy ambience. We have got a Glassy Floor Lamp, Gardine Floor Lamp, Dolky Floor Lamp and many more idiosyncratic designs of floor lamps to beautify your favourite space with a stately and pleasant look! Placing floor lamps beside a lavish sofa set or your special lounge chairs will be the most excellent Diwali decor idea.

Who doesn’t have tables in their homes nowadays? And who doesn’t want to add the grace of timeless table lamps to it? The presence and illumination of table lamps add a classic and elegant touch to your ambience. Its limited illumination radiates a limitless aura of style and glamour. Yesenia Table Lamp, Lea Table Lamp, and Carmelo Table Lamp are to name a few from our charismatic collection of table and bedside table lamps.

Light coming from any source brightens the ambience! Be it from the lavish ceiling lights straight from the top or a magnificent candle stand right by our side! Let us tell you, candle stands are the quintessentially aesthetic addition to home decor! With the little rays of lights coming from a regally designed candle stand, your home will be filled with a warm and enchanting vibe. Check out the Julia Goblet T-Lite Holder, Adora Multi T Light Holder, Gamila Hurricane Candle Holder and other magnificently designed candle stands that would perfectly complement a grand dining table set and make for the best Diwali decor for the home.

Talk about Diwali and how can we not mention lanterns ? The most brightening and enthralling pieces of all, lanterns are the finest crest to your decor. Moreover with Furniturewalla’s exquisite designer lanterns become the most beautiful focal point of your room. Look for yourself Yolanta Lantern, Alberto Electric Lantern and much more vintage and elegant collections that are a must-have to complete your Diwali decoration.

Lights are unquestionably the major game changers. The lighting decor has the potential to uplift your mood, brighten your room, create a particular aura and define your overall ambience. So this Diwali, make your home speak your style with Furniturewalla’s versatile and luxury lighting decor furnishings.

With a wealth of festivals around the corner, it is an opportune time to revamp your abode with elegant and sumptuous furnishings from the top luxury furniture brands in India! Because while you are busy serving the guests with great hospitality, your home speaks for you! And let it talk nothing but elegance and style with Furniturewalla's chic and classy furniture for your great living room ideas!

Let’s begin with your living room! The aura that your living room radiates, creates a strong impression in the minds of your guests. Style your living room with a suave and urbane vista with Furniturewalla’s exclusive collection of furniture!

Think of your living room and the Sofa captures your first sight and why not? The sofa is where your guests make themselves at home, family members lounge around for relaxation, and what defines your space's overall appearance. Have it define nothing but grandeur with our excellently designed Zanetta Leather Sofa Set, Raimond Leather Sectional Sofa, L-Shaped Sofas, Sofa Cum Beds, and many more premium collections of sofa sets to fit your ideal space! Well, what is a sofa set without comfortable and designer cushions on it? Explore the world of comfy and chic cushions from our stunning series of Dahab Cushion Collection, Divany Cushion Collection, and more that add a trace of elegance to your ambiance.

And of course, a statement addition of mirrors is all your living room needs to look exceptionally beautiful! Mirrors radiate a great deal of beauty and glamour! Not just that, it also reflects sunlight making your space look brighter and bigger. Beautify your space with Antonella Mirror, Mariana Mirror, and more majestic pieces.

Let’s talk about the picturesque aura that candle stands create! Candle stands have a magical power to make any room enlightened with love and glory. Check out some of our candle stands creations like Brisa Candle Holder, Adella Multi Votive Candle Holder, and more heavenly creations.

An aesthetic Painting on a wall can never go out of style. Some paintings invoke a great deal of inspiration and hope in us while some paintings act as a window to a different realm. A wall deserves to be adorned with a good painting and you can find some of the best ones from our reservoir. Maya Glass Art and Irie Glass Art to name a few.

Another way to embellish your wall is with wall clocks. Wall clocks add a regal look to your space with their antique designs and vibrant color schemes. It is an impeccable addition to your living room for its function as well as the magnificence it adds. Pick out a clock from our choicest creations Lareina Wall Clock, Amora Wall Clock, etc.

Next comes a classic yet vogue piece of furniture, vases! Vases carry with them an exceptional degree of splendor and style. You can find a wide range of beautiful and artistic vases Felisa Decorative Vase, Freida Decorative Vase, and more at Furniturewalla.

Your living room represents your entire abode. Selecting luxury furniture for your living room can be a never-ending journey. But you can start this journey of embellishments with Furniturewalla’s exquisite collection of furnishings!

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Planning to furnish your apartment? Hand-picking the right furniture for your home decor can be puzzling! While choosing voguish furniture can be inexorable, buying the most essential furniture at the earliest is a high priority! Sofa Sets , King bed sets , queen bed sets , dining tables , and more ceaselessly top the list.

Fortunately, today, what happens to be essential can also be glamorous! And we are going to talk about tables!

Tables are not just essential pieces of furniture, they hold on them, your valuable goods and chattels. The more organized your tables are, the less haphazard you are. The appearance of your tables defines the aura of your ambiance!

But what kind of tables do you need for your home? Let us take you on a tour of the world of tables!

Enter your living room which creates the first impression of your abode. Not just your family members but also your guests spend the most time in your living room. Make their every minute count by furnishing your house with the most elegant and voguish coffee and end table sets Our collection at Furniturewalla offers an assortment of coffee table sets like Izan coffee and end table , Madrid coffee and end table set , and much more which arrive in charismatic colors and designs for your home to radiate opulence!

Next in order is the master of versatility! Nested tables are a set of 3 in 1. Compact in size, offers mountainous space and exhibits a modish look with a trace of traditionalism. With stupendous practical uses and an exceptional embellishing touch, nested tables are the jewel in the crown of your home.

Another crucial piece of furniture for your home is a dining table . Dining tables are where not just meals but also those sweet and sad stories, bitter fights, and laughter riots with family members are shared. You finally have all your family members sit together. Have them seated on the most exquisite pieces of all from our premium collection of Corazana 6 & 8 Seater Marble Dining Table With Cadera Stainless Steel Dining Chair and many more snazzy creations.

Wait! How can we forget your treasured bedroom? Bedrooms are for comfort and what can be more comforting than smart and stylish bedside tables for your precious bits and bobs? Enchant the aura of your room with our alluring designs and utilitarian bedside tables. Hey! How about a study table for your bedroom? You can read, work, and study in absolute comfort with our Lareina Book Desk .

Got a bar at your home? You should get our swanky bar tables and set the spirits high! Another productive and suave art piece should be our console mirror tables . A statement piece of the finest quality to enhance the furnishings of your hallway.

Get ready with your decorative table ideas and we will be ready with our lavish and sumptuous tables for your home décor. With adorn your homes with the finest because your home is your paradise!

While the monsoon season drizzles a sense of tranquillity and creates a soothing vibe of relaxation, it can cause harm to your luxury furniture ! Moisture and mist are considered to be the biggest rivals of wood. Some of you may have noticed the wet odor. No, we are not talking about the pleasant petrichor, but the one that comes from your outdoor wooden cupboards and shelves. But breathe with ease and enjoy the rain. We’re going to give you some tips that will help you keep your furniture safe from the hazards of the monsoon!

As pleasant as it may seem, rain can cause heavy damage to your sumptuous hardwood furniture and your leather sofas as well, so it is always recommended to keep them far away from the windows.

Buying cheap furniture at any time of year will end up costing you more! So, even if it costs a little more, it is critical that you buy designer furniture that is of high quality!

The monsoon is when humidity is at its peak, so it is better to have cross ventilation to keep the room dry and delightful!

Before gilding your couches , sofas , and beds with covers & sheets, try wrapping them with a plastic cover over the mattress of your bed and a plastic sheet on your sofa to keep them protected and as good as new.

Rainy seasons mean fungus, and with fungus comes the destruction of your valuable furnishings and clothes. But, don’t worry, we've got you covered! Put some neem leaves on your clothes and furnishings to protect them from small pests. You can also place camphor and a few cloves in the closet to avoid pests.

The drizzly rainy season can also dampen your expensive and exquisite carpets, potentially causing fungus on your Benches , Accent Chairs , Coffee Tables , etc! So it’s better to roll them in and store them securely till the end of the season.

The rainy season may also cause friction in your cabinets, dressers , sideboards , and beds with storage , so it’s advisable to roll up your sleeves and oil or wax all of these furniture for smooth functioning.

It is always better to take these precautions and refrain from making any alterations or decorations to your home. Rather, just focus on enjoying this beautiful and soothing monsoon while maintaining prosperity and health in your home!

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Contemporary or Neo Classic - Which furniture should you go for?

Choosing the furniture for your space can get a little overwhelming, because what if it messes with the pattern of looks or is just too whimsical for your own style? But don’t worry, at you will find an array of timeless to trendy furniture pieces and home décor that will please your aesthetics and fit perfectly in your exquisite home! We know the conflict between chic and classic can be a real challenge sometimes, but here’s a list of perfect chic and classic furnishings you can spruce up your homes with!

Chic Furnishings for Contemporary Homes:

Nowadays, millennials and Gen-Z prefer modern, voguish furniture pieces that complement contemporary interiors. These furnishings are available in beautiful, vibrant colours and design options in Furniturewalla-from cherry-red to jasper blue and all the elegant hues in between! To give your living room a touch of style, you can splash some colours of opulence on it! From our wide array of sofa sets to choose from, here are some masterpieces that will go perfectly with your chic aesthetics: Estar Fabric Sofa Set , Stephane Fabric Sofa Set, Juliette Fabric Sofa Set, Taksim Fabric Sofa Set, Perla Fabric Sofa Set, Gonzalo Fabric Sofa Set, etc. You can find them on or in stores! Another way you can add oomph to your living room is by adding a modern accent or lounge chair It will not only add character to your drawing room, but it will also provide a cosy space for you to curl up and read your favourite book while sipping a cup of coffee. Oh, this reminds us, we almost missed the bodacious coffee and end table that will definitely give your living room a finishing edge. Other furnishings that will complement your space are some home décor embellishments, stylish tv units, a glinting floor lamp, etc. The best part is, that you can even mix up a few styles for a great balance of timelessness and vogue.

Classic Furnishings for your timeless style:

Classic furniture can be recognized with a single glance- the finesse, the meticulous carvings, the gold and silver gilds, and the brilliant craftsmanship. It is a masterpiece that adds luxe to your humble home in the most subtle manner. To give your home a quaint touch, you can adorn your living room with sofa sets that define class. At Furniturewalla, you can choose from a plethora of our stunning pieces, some of them are: Valentina Fabric Sofa Set, Belkis Fabric Sofa Set, Eligio Fabric Sofa Set, Abel Fabric Sofa Set, Florance Fabric Sofa Set, Atolye Fabric Sofa Set, etc. You can shop the extensive range online or in stores! Intertwined with rich, refined, and regal aesthetics, theWingback chairs, Chesterfield sofas, and décor laced with sophistication can give your home the regal Victorian essence you’re looking for. To light up your space, bedeck it with celestial ceiling lights that can illuminate your home with regality. We assure you, it will not only add the warmth of opulence, but it also exudes flamboyance! If you are looking to mix styles and eras, we would recommend you tuck bits of modish and timeless dining, storage, and even some beautiful paintings into your dining space. It’s a place where laughs and stories are shared with your loved ones, so you surely want to make it special by adding some enchantments to everyone’s taste!  Time to sprinkle some stardust over your urban dwellings!


Moving to a new home is exciting, but at the same time, it can be daunting. However, it is also the best time to dig out some exquisite furniture and décor to give your home a bodacious complement. Many people end up purchasing extras that may look cluttered later, so it is advisable to go slow, absorb the vibe, and enchant your homes with classic pieces that match your elegance. Here, we have listed some essential furnishings that you should set up before adding other elements to your home.

Living Room

The furniture you choose for your living room is going to make a difference. A comfortable yet chic sofa set with classy pillows is a must for your home. This is the podium of your home where your guests will be entertained, laughs shared, and memories made, so it is okay to splurge a little extra! To complement the sumptuous sofa set, a centre table or coffee table is all you need. You can pick your favourite from our wide array of tables, from bulky wooden ones to minimalistic ones. Another add-on that you can go for is side tables for storage, a TV Unit, and chic clocks for your walls. They will also adorn the space and would give a great finishing look to the room. Aside from these, you can adorn your home with a little sparkle of Floor Lamps & Ceiling Lights from our extensive collection of pieces.

Dining Room

Compliment your dining room with a set of 6-seater or 8-seater dining tables & chairs. It is a space where you’ll generally get most of your cherished ‘family-time’ – so why not make it sumptuous and beautiful?!


Your modular kitchen deserves to be decked up with little elements to make it look more inviting and enticing. Apart from setting your kitchen with the usuals, you can spruce up the look with décor that not only adds character to your kitchen but also enhances the homely vibe. Check out some of our exceptional vase collection, decorative bowls, kitchen trolley, artistic trays, candle stands and various decorative elements for the kitchen.


The bedroom is your personal space, and we know you want it to be special, with every part reflecting your style. Embellish it with our range of classic, regal, and contemporary King-Sized Beds & Queen Size Beds that come with and without storage, in the finest quality. You can complement it with our extensive range of soft yet exotic pillow collections. A Dressing table is the second most important thing in the bedroom. It not only makes the room look more spacious but also organized. You can choose the best-suited dresser with mirrors for your room that comes with storage. You can then complement the room with pulchritudinous bedside tables, lounge chairs, bits of décor and voila your room is ready! Procured from around the world, Furniturewalla is your one-stop destination to shop luxe furnishings and home décor in India. Enchant your homes with the finest collection of beds, sofas, dining, lighting, tables, and chairs online from or visit your nearest FW store in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

After spending what seems like an eternity in the confines of our home, we eagerly yearn for brighter days ahead where we get to spend as much time outdoors as we do inside our homes. As the balmy spring and summer months arrive, let us explore the trending Spring-Summer home trends of 2022.

Interior designers are paying more importance to the layout and flow of homes. Open plan living allows us to move around with more fluidity, spend quality time with family members and host guests with ease. As a result, entertaining essentials are huge this season. Pair a chic Sofa Set with a contemporary Coffee Table or Bedside Lamps create a sense of tranquility and infuses a happy energy.

Get ready to welcome Spring with soothing hues and distinctive furniture pieces. Create a staycation feel with gorgeous Beds that have tall upholstered headboards and throw in some sheer curtains with tropical prints

The key decorating trends this season revolve around creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors while being more expressive than ever. Make bolder choices, declutter your surroundings, mix colours, patterns and textures and simply have fun.

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for curated luxury furniture and home decor in India, sourced from around the world. Get the finest collection of beds, sofas, dining, lighting, tables, chairs, select furnishing, decor and gifting items that are elegant and value priced. Experience the best in class service and guided shopping in the luxurious stores. The FW Sale is currently on. Don’t miss the opportunity to get upto 60% off on the entire collection.

Ever since furniture has been an essential part of human life, it has brought both beauty and comfort into our homes. Luxury furniture is all about amalgamating utilitarianism and artistic expression to create pieces of art, that is the most expressive and fluid form of home decor. It pushes your homes beyond the ordinary and tells a story that is uniquely yours..

Luxury furniture can double as pieces of art that act as beautiful anchor pieces around your home. A plush Wing Chair or a Leisure Chair with a swivel base can instantly elevate your room. Grab attention with a stunning Sofa Sets or an edgy Coffee and End Table Set, that’s a unique marriage of the modern and traditional. Clean lines and geometric designs with an impeccable attention to detail is what makes these pieces stand out.

Our Beds are a combination of sophistication and craftsmanship that’s perfect for the modern home. They come with gorgeous upholstered headboards accentuated with mirror, stainless steel and inlay trims – that’s no less than a collector’s item. You can throw in a Bench at the foot of the bed to sprinkle a dash of drama.

If you don’t wish to change much around the house, simply opt for some statement accessory pieces like a Console Table A TV Unit or simply a Bar Cabinet. Their understated elegance and sleek demeanor can make a world of difference.

In short, your furniture has a distinctive personality around which your home atmosphere grows. It possesses a strong character and is warm and welcoming. Like art, it exudes emotions and is a reflection of your true self.

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for curated luxury furniture and home decor in India, sourced from around the world. Get the finest collection of italian beds, fabric sofas, italian dining table, lighting online, tables, chairs, select furnishing, decor and gifting items that are elegant and value priced. Experience the best in class service and guided shopping in the luxurious stores. The FW Sale is currently on. Don’t miss the opportunity to get upto 60% off on the entire collection.

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and your sanctuary deserves to dress up for the big day too. Furniture and decor are elements that play a huge role in the tone of the wedding but are frequently underappreciated. Here are some luxe decor ideas to spruce up your abode and make every moment memorable.

Consider purchasing some feature pieces like a beautifully crafted Coffee Table for your registry and a plush upholstered Sofa Sets for the happy couple to sit on. You could also opt for a pair of majestic Wing or Accent Chairs for a more regal look.

Punctuate your living room with ornate Candle Holders and exquisite Lanterns Online. They not only look festive, but also light up the space. The subtle glow emanating from the candles will also ensure your wedding photographs come out perfectly. Throw in some delicately embroidered Designer Cushions in silk and suede to add a welcoming and cozy vibe..

This is also the perfect occasion to revamp your bedroom. Depending on the size and configuration of your room, select a King or Queen sized Bed. Since you’ll require more storage space it is wiser to pick a Beds with storage. Complement it with a pair of matching Bedside Tables and a spacious Dresser with Mirror and you are good to go..

It’s hard to overstate how important furniture is to the decor of your big day. Some of these simple elements can truly transform your home into a captivating and elegant wedding venue. We hope these ideas will help you create your dream wedding atmosphere and aesthetic.

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for curated luxury furniture and home decor in India, sourced from around the world. Get the finest collection of beds, sofas, dining, lighting, tables, chairs, select furnishing, decor and gifting items that are elegant and value priced. Experience the best in class service and guided shopping in the luxurious stores. The FW Sale is currently on. Don’t miss the opportunity to get upto 60% off on the entire collection.

The festival of lights is just around the corner and excitement is in the air. Just as we get new clothes for ourselves and our loved ones to look our very best on this joyous occasion, dressing up our homes in preparation for Diwali is an age-old tradition to usher in the festivities. This year, give your home a makeover with FW’s handpicked specials.

Diwali isn’t complete without family gatherings and dinner parties. Infuse your living room with positive energy and let your home reflect the warmth of celebration. Light up the mood with a decorative Chandelier that can be the centerpiece of the home, or mix and match with small accent lights like Lanterns online and Italian beds . Our glorious selection of Lighting online will echo the festival of lights and announce that Diwali is in the air.

Upgrading your Sofa can be great for entertaining guests. You can also consider a luxury Dining Set . Choose from our beautiful marble top dining sets or chic stainless steel ones. Let your guests savour the aroma of the delicious sweets and speak about your warm and gracious hospitality.

This is the time for parties and merriment. Spruce up your bar area with our vintage wooden Bar Counters and elegant Bar Stools Bar Stools. It will not only add style to your space but also do wonders to greet guests and smoothen conversations.

Ultimately your gift is who you are and the thought that went behind it. Get ready for the upcoming festivities with FW’s handpicked and curated range of luxe but light on the pocket gifts, that are chic, stylish and make a strong statement.

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for curated luxury furniture and home decor in India, sourced from around the world. Get the finest collection of beds,sofa sets,dining, lighting online, tables,chairs,select furnishing,decorandgifting itemsthat are elegant but value priced. Experience the best in class service and guided shopping in the luxurious stores. The FW Sale is currently on. Don’t miss the opportunity to get upto 60% off on the entire collection.

With the festive season knocking on our door, once again it is time to think about gifting ideas for your loved ones. The year gone by has been tough for all of us. This year, as we are gradually getting back to normal, we are even more thankful to be surrounded by our loved ones and want to shower them with special and thoughtful gifts.

When you think of luxe gifts, they are generally not easy on the pocket. However, luxury within reach is what FW is all about. You will be surprised at the affordability of our curated range of gifts. A luxury gift is a mood-lifter and makes the occasion even more radiant. If you know someone who is enchanted by home decor, our mesmerising collection ofcandle stands and lanterns will be the perfect gift for them. Known for their unique designs, these beaming beauties will occupy a pride of place in any modern home.

Design lovers have a diverse array of tastes and are captivated by works of art. Gift them an wall decor from our eclectic collection to adorn on their walls. It is sure to appeal to their artistic sensibilities.

A gift is a reflection of your personality and FW’s collection of luxe gifts are elegant and timeless. Pick from a wide variety of photo frames online or statement vintage wall clocksd a personal touch and are a memento of the precious moments spent together.

Ultimately your gift is who you are and the thought that went behind it. Get ready for the upcoming festivities with FW’s handpicked and curated range of luxe but light on the pocket gifts, that are chic, stylish and make a strong statement.

Furniturewalla FW is the definitive source for curated luxury furniture and home decor in India, sourced from around the world. Get the finest collection of Italian beds,sofas,dining, lighting, tables,chairs,select furnishing,decorandgifting itemsthat are elegant but value priced. Experience the best in class service and guided shopping in the luxurious stores. The FW Sale is currently on. Don’t miss the opportunity to get upto 60% off on the entire collection.

Every subtle texture, object, and element of your living space has an emotion attached to it. More you soak in and respond to their vibes, more your choices will create a fine web of expression that will uniquely define your home. In this ‘living network’ of inanimate objects, even small shifts can uplift a downcast spirit, break an invisible pattern or rekindle joy. Here are some practical décor tips that can refocus the energy of the room, recalibrate the emphasis of your space and bring a new spark to your living space

Home décor elements and smaller furniture pieces go a long way to help boost your morale. Lighting plays a major role in your room. “Mood lighting” is the key here. Create a calming atmosphere with ambient Floor Lamps or classic Table Lamps. If you want to take the brighter route, nothing quite matches the sheer exuberance of a Chandelier or Pendant Light.

The concept of mood boosting décor is based on soft geometry i.e, the brain responds better to soft edges and curvy lines. Create a relaxing corner in your living room with a spacious and comfortable leisure chair. Spruce up the space with a chic Coffee Table, throw in a rug and sip on your favourite warm beverage at the end of the day.

The colour palette of a room helps to set your mood. It’s best to have a neutral or cool colour scheme in the living room as it has a calming effect. You can add a pop of colour in the form of a Wall Painting, to break the monotony. Play with a mix of neutral and dark, invigorating tones to achieve the right balance.

Your home is brimming with feel-good potential. A few smart decorating moves is all that you need to channel this positivity into your abode and transform it into your own personal sanctuary.

Thankfully, the most challenging year of our lives is drawing to an end. But challenges will remain and amidst all the drastic lifestyle changes and disruption in plans, we are all especially looking forward to this New Year. Stay focused on the future and hope for the ‘green shoots’ to sprout into beautiful, luxuriant canopy of opportunity and prosperity. Crank yourself into this upbeat mode, using furniture and decor as spirit uplifters.

Start by changing the look and feel of the home for Christmas. A crystal Chandelieror a suaveFloor Lampwill instantly add warmth to a room and are great mood changers. Or perhaps, spruce up your bar area right before ringing in the New Year. A woodenBar Counter with some chicBar Stoolswill do the trick. If you want to go all out, switch to a stylish and sleekDining Table Set and complement it with a unique Candle Holder.Nothing speaks elegance better than a well laid table surrounded by object-de-art.

Solitary alterations can be a welcome change too. Create a stylish hotspot with a high finish Mirroras a wall art or add a vintage Clock.Gently lead the conversation to reflect on the future or countdown to good times and let your new acquisitions speak -- silently, symbolically and eloquently.

Sophisticated hosts tend to be subtle and create emotions around discovery. Place a glamorous, gold plated, sleek coffee tableor a console table in a discreet but well-appointed corner and let your guests gush. Add a decor piece like aGold Leaf, a Silver Ashtray(strictly as art and not encouragement!), a Decorative Bottle or a Lantern online on the table and enjoy the adoration of your appreciative crowd. These are small nudges to get on with life, uncork the pent up feelings and add sweet magic to the tinkle of laughter, glass and the bubbly.

Small or big, these changes will be your hope boosters for the New Year, a year that we are eagerly waiting for, a year that’s filled with dreams, aspirations and a lot of expectations.

home space is a live and organic environment -- an extension of our being. Just like our inner self, it needs nurturing, cleaning, un-cluttering, re-organizing and refreshing. Often times, even a few subtle thoughtful changes in the space can make a big difference to how we feel. With many months of home confinement and preoccupation with other things, a sameness has crept into our every day of living, which we need to break out of. Here are a few tips for making a change and infusing positive energy in our space that can affect our thoughts and well being.

Create subtle sensorial changes: Like almost invisible but vital notes in a symphony, decor has an unspoken thrill and pleasantness that delights. A well placed vaseor a candle standushers in tranquility with their fluid shapes. Try to choose neutral, earth colors and some ‘naturalness’ in their form which further accentuates their ‘living’ entity. Add an element of quaintness with vintage styled lanterns onlineor even wall clocks.Fractal or decorative wall mirrorselevate the functional to an art form and that shot of creativity injects energy into your space. Even a set of cool, and edgy designer cushionswill be a mood uplifter, when placed on the sofa that you have been lounging on for years.

Indulge yourself: If there was ever a time for rewarding yourself, it is now. There is a sense of acceptance and gratitude for what we have and earned, with each loving, thoughtful artefact we value. A stylishleisure chair, a recliner with an Ottoman, apouffecreates the micro-environment of ‘me’ within the larger home space of ‘us’. It will be immensely calming to retreat into such personal space and immerse yourself in what ‘you’ love, irrespective of all that’s happening around. Sip a coffee, binge watch your web show, nurse a tall drink, read a book or listen to your music from here. The association of being ‘wrapped in love’ will be indelibly transmitted on to your furniture and they will vibrate with your essence and energy.

Overdue overhauls: Have you been postponing some long due makeovers for the home? Do not hold back your dreams. Replace the old clunky seating system with a stylish sofa setsand wing chair combine. Or afabric sofa set.Or even feel free to mix and match styles, material and periods. If there is a vague feeling of emptiness or unease, maybe your bedroom needs a big shift. A coordinated bedroom environment can do wonders to settle you down. Choose from an all-natural elegance of wooden bedroom setswith clean lines, to neo-classical decorative themes or a fusion of modern and vintage. The exercise of letting your imagination work consumes you with passion and the result is always emotionally satisfying.

Every which way, do not let misgivings or unease linger. Stride with bold purposefulness in your choices. A curated collection will help you focus on the essential and the beautiful without depleting your energy. The results on your home and transformation of your spirit will always be worth it.

The Chic Workplace Called Home Homes have new definitions these days. The sanctuary, the safe harbor, the office. As the work and home lines blur with Work from Home (WFH), the home begins to play a very important part in our mental and professional well-being. Whether you are concentrating on the next presentation or video conferencing on Zoom, your micro-environment is at work. Here are a few things then, to organize or reorganize for a multi purpose home space.

Change something every day Tweak your views and your backdrops for each of the five days. This may not necessarily mean moving around the home (there’s the WI-FI to be thought about as well.). You can slightly change the angle of your laptop, settle down and work. Even that small shift will keep each day different.

Change something every day Everyone has realized that WFH is stressful. Office and home blend into each other and time stretches. Sprinkle a few fine crafted objet d'art like a driftwood vase, a candle stand, a ash trayfor your coffee or Chamomile tea, a couple of decorative metal leaves perhaps, an ornate photo frame with a picture of your loved ones. Create a micro environment of intimacy and peace that improves concentration and brings out your creative best.

Set your mood: WFH takes your home out to the world, directly when you are on video, and indirectly like a studio which contributes to the artist's expression. Change the mood of the day by throwing in a few chic cushionson the sofa. Switch on table lampat the far end of the room, even if it’s daytime, to create an ambience. A neatNested Table gives you the feeling of being organized and in control. If you are working from your bedroom, then a Bed Setwith matching Tables and a Dresser creates a harmony that's conducive to productive and positive thinking.

Worktable: For most of us, the dining table will double up as the main work table. Think of it like your corner office. Whether they gave you one at work or not, you can treat yourself as the boss, with a stylish Stainless Steel and Glassaffair or aGold Plated base with Marble Toppiece. Pair them with dining chairs online or faux-leather chairs and style them with Dining Benches and you will feel the power surge, every day. Dining table sets are statement pieces like Sofa Sets and they anchor a certain look. Your big pieces are the main chapters in your style book and the smaller ones are the flavors and toppings, so to say.

Coffee and Relaxation breaks: Designate an area in your home for a coffee or a work break. Set up your favorite lounge or accent chair, place a stylish coffee table, or sink into a sofa opposite the TV perhaps. It’s a place which will characteristically be different from your work table, even if it is within the same room. Thoughtful blocking with decor and objects like a planter or a decorative bottleor an accent chairswill help you switch off from work and relax.

The creative push with wall art: Creativity, even a peripheral presence of it, is scientifically proven to energize and boost productivity. Let your home walls express themselves in a right balance of blank space and creative content -- be it framed photos, wall art,even designer wall clocks. You don’t have to stare at them as masterpieces, they fill in quiet details like small notes of music in the overall abstract symphony called space.

Lights and Soft: Lights are the ultimate ambience creator, enhancer and focus shifter. When work stretches into late evenings, turn on the magic of a crystal chandelier. Table lamps and Floor lampsbalance the shadows and dimensionalize the room, adding a touch of warmth to a corner on flat, dark days. Let the warm lights flow and soften the mood and take the edge off long work hours.

It is being said the WFH is going to last for a long time, perhaps it will be the norm in the new Normal times. Why not have a home where your furniture and decor is chosen with curator’s care and there’s an emotional value to every piece. Your home will keep you company in meaningful silence, whose beauty will inspire you every day.

Your home is a reflection of your personality. By mixing furniture styles and home decor trends, you can create a unique home which matches your aesthetic sense and tells the world more about you. Learn how to effortlessly combine elements from different eras and styles without being overwhelmed with our top tips: 

Colour harmony or colour clash? One fear we all have about combining different styles of home decor is that the room will look cluttered or unorganized. Sticking to a uniform colour palette helps give a room coherence and harmony. Try neutral tones for a sophisticated look. Experiment with a contemporary style velvet sofa in a dull gold colour with a vintage style gold plated end table. Matching the type and shade of wood used in a room with the colour of upholstery goes a long way in determining the overall look and feel of a room. Dark tones like oak and mahogany look great when combined in a single room with warm tone upholstery like a leather sofa. On the other hand lighter tones like walnut, which have a more relaxed and casual feel, and look balanced with cooler tones like whites, greys, and light blues. .

Experiment with the sofa: Instead of getting a full sofa set for your living room, try mixing and matching pieces from different sets. A classic, modern modular fabric sofa is a good base which can be complemented with one-of-a-kind accent chairs and lounge chairs for your living room. This creates an eclectic look and is a great way of showing off your personal style.

Use ‘misfit’ as a statement: We all have that one piece that doesn’t really go with the rest of the home, but we love it too much to get rid of. Instead of trying to hide it away in a corner, make it your statement piece by keeping it in focus. Keep the surroundings muted, and let this piece become the start of the room. A mirror finish cabinet with your modern dining table can become an instant showstopper. Try out a victorian chandelier in your contemporary home.

Throw in repetition for balance: To create visual consistency and balance, try repeating patterns or styles of accessories throughout the room. Having similar styles of smaller home decor items around the room repeats a pattern which is easier on the eye. Look for one type of decorative style which can be used in pieces. Rustic gold details on pieces like a decorative tray, candle stands, and decorative cheese platters can be kept around the living room.

Play with scale: Scale refers to the comparative size of objects in a place. While mixing furniture and styles, think about how objects take up visual space and how they can be contrasted. A heavy, fabric sofa can be paired with a more dainty and sleekglass top coffee table.

Mixing and matching different styles can be a daunting task but with some practice and thought, it can be a great way to transform your home. Remember to have fun with your home and personalize popular trends and styles as per your own needs. The great thing about choosing an eclectic style is that you can start giving your home a makeover one step at a time, and small changes can go a long way. Visit the best furniture stores in your city, look through online furniture stores and keep experimenting.

The humble coffee table is a ubiquitous part of most homes which is often overlooked. But by putting in some thought and planning, the coffee table can transform your living room and be an expression for your personal style. Here are some of our top tips and ideas for you to get inspired with.

A glass top table: Our city lives and apartment homes often restrict the amount of space we actually have to experiment with. A glass top coffee table does not take up much visual space and gives your room a light and airy feeling. It also puts the focus on the accessories on the table. Try glass top tables with a polished stainless steel base or one with a curved oakwood base.

Statement pieces: Coffee tables can be made to be an anchor for its space and all the other furniture is arranged around it. Statement pieces are instant conversation starters and a distinctive coffee table is what you need here. A one of a kind tiered glass and steel coffee table gives a contemporary artistic look. Try a stunning coffee table where the table top doubles as a clock.

Colour schemes: Tables don’t have to be only brown and black. Try matching the color of the table top with the furnishings around the room like the sofa, cushions or the curtains. This can help in giving your living room symmetry and balance. A bright, gold finish coffee table looks great when paired with a lush velvet fabric sofa with matching gold plated legs and gold cushions.

Accessories: To take your coffee table up a notch, it needs some stylish accessories. And accessories are also a great way to express your personal tastes, styles, and interests to the world. Show off your nautical interests with a brass decorative ship. Trays are a great way to  organize smaller pieces, like decorative ashtrays or a mixed metal decorative leaf sculpture.

Materials: The material of the coffee table can help determine the kind of overall look that the room will have. Solid wood, brown leather upholstery, black marble can create a warm and cozy feel to the room. On the other hand, glass dining table, stainless steel dining table, marble dining table or wall mirror finishes can make the space feel lighter

Geometric patterns: Geometric patterns and slimline base designs provide a contrast to solid blocks on top. Try coffee tables which have clean lines and sleek bases for a minimalist, modern look.

The living room is where your home makes its first impression to your guests. A good coffee table chosen with your personal style sets the mood for the rest of the room and the home. Make it inspiring.

A new year means a fresh start and especially with the start of a new decade, this is the perfect time to give our homes a brand new look. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to give your home a new makeover for the new year, look no further. We have brought you some hot home decor trends that you can incorporate into your home with ease:

1.Sustainable Materials - In 2019 we all learnt how to be environmentally friendly and green. In 2020 we will bring that spirit into our homes. Recycling is a unique way of turning some pretty unusual things into home decor. Wood can be recycled from many places, for example a bar cabinet made of recycled railway tracks can be very sustainable yet very stylish. Brick moulds can be fashioned into a one of a kind wall clock. The possibilities are endless.

2.Black and White - Black and white is just about the boldest colour combination there is coming from two ends of the colour spectrum. In this new decade, let’s try and bring some of that boldness into our decor. A white marble top dining table with faux black leather dining chairs are great way to build contrast into your dining room.


3.Metals - Metals are going to be very trendy throughout 2020, whether it’s brass, steel or copper. The way to elevate this trend even further is to use a combination of different metal tones together. A ceiling lights online with stainless steel and gold tones can do a great job in bringing metals together. Nickel and gold tones go great together, and can even be used in smaller decorative pieces.


4.Grey - Grey was the colour that ruled the charts all through 2019, and it is here to stay. Grey is such a versatile colour in home decor and can be toned down for a quiet night with your family or even glammed up for a house party. You can lounge through the evening on a relaxing grey fabric upholstered leisure chair. Or you can get the conversation going with a bunch of your friends on a soft and luxurious grey velvet sofa

5.Maximalism - When we think of home decor, this decade we will take a vow to go big. Big, over the top patterns, bold designs, and statement pieces are all here to stay. An ornate, antique silver dining table, a one of a kind gold plated lounge chair, or a jaw dropping Victorian chandelier are all in trend. Play around with such extravagant pieces and go all out.


Visit the best furniture stores in your city, browse online, and spot the trends. Awareness of trends set the inspiration to redesign and recreate your home vibes. But always remember to give it your own distinct touch which showcases your taste and personality. Your home is your own space to keep experimenting and having fun.

Mixing different styles, textures, and looks is a great way to make your home stand out and showcase your individual style. Taking styling inspiration from different eras of time can help create a unique home. Whether it is the ornate styles of the Victorian periods, or the geometric Art Deco styles, all are welcome into the modern, 21st century home.  Designing and setting up your entire home around a single theme can seem very difficult, and even scary. That is why it is important to remember to have fun with it. Here are some of our top tricks to mix antique and contemporary styles of home decor to create a chic look for any home.  a. “Vintage Looking” furniture: Try out pieces for your home which have a timeworn or antique look. This is usually called a “patina” finish and can be used with coffee tables for the living room, dining tables, or even paintings with a vintage finish. This adds an interesting layer to an otherwise modern home. b. Mixing different textures: Vintage pieces often come with finishes like leather, weathered wood or tarnished metals. To offset this bold look, try pairing it with soft textures through rugs and cushions, luxurious fabric sofas and lounge chairs.  c. Statement pieces: Transforming your entire home with vintage pieces can be a daunting task. Instead, try out a statement piece in an antique style. Statement pieces can become the star of any room, and you can build your entire home decor style around it. Consider this Vintage style trunks upholstered in leather or faux-leather, complete with brass trimmings, leather fasteners, and gold plated rivets, modelled into a coffee table, an  end table or a bar cabinet can become instant conversation starters. A classic accent chair with tufted fabric and wooden legs can be a simple, yet transforming addition to your living room. A Victorian style chandelier is a stunning piece which can become the focus of your home. Add a vintage touch to your bedroom with a unique vintage style ottoman. d. Combining Vintage and Modern Pieces: An easy way to make any room look professionally designed and styled, is to use contrasting pieces together to create a balanced look. Try pairing a vintage-style dining table with contemporary chairs, or a classic wooden coffee table with gold details with a chic stone and metal lamp.  These tips are easy to use to instantly transform your home. Use the latest home decor trends to draw inspiration and then personalize it to create your own style. Mixing and matching different styles and looks can make a home feel warm, personal and uniquely stylish.

When you are from India, you live from festivals to festivals. The great thing about diversity is being included in all the cheer and expressing the joy and spirit when the next festival is upon us. Make your home throb with that fervour, use your furniture as the new language of celebration. Diwali is, of course, the Indian Christmas and the right occasion for creating resplendence. A decorative chandelier will echo the Festival of Lights theme well, being the centerpiece of the home. Or small accent lights, stylish floor lamps and lanterns online will beautifully announce, Diwali is in the air. If you are from the East and Durga Puja is your thing, or from the West when you dance your nights away during Navratri, it’s the time for a makeover. Hang a metal art on the wall and balance it with a sleek decorative console, and you have an elegant head-turner. An accent chair, a coffee or an end table, a benches and pouffe ,a candle stand, a standing lamp are pieces that make great for yourself, your home, or your loved ones on any occasion. Keep a list of all the occasions and festivities that happen around you and then surprise with statement pieces. We are in November now, and preparations and plans for the Christmas and New Year are in full swing. Have you considered a Bar Cabinet and Accessories? This is the time for evenings, parties, barbecues and merriment. Like Diwali, a decorative ceiling light will do wonders to greet your guests in the evening and smoothen conversations. A luxury dining set is appropriate and desirable on any occasion. Wheel in the food and spirit on trolleys and bar carts and hear the oohs and aahs. The Christmas Turkey to the Diwali sweets to the Eid spread – let your guests savour the aroma and speak about your sophisticated and warm hospitality – when served on a beautiful marble top dining set, or a dark smoked glass table, or a stainless steel art piece. A walnut wooden bed set in veneer finish on an anniversary can overwhelm. If you want to tone it down, a dresser with a mirror is a perfect intimate gift for your better half. Celebrations must be king-size! The warmer months will joyously start with the Holi and lead on to the Eid and the all the Indian new years. Give a rousing welcome to each of them, by inviting people over and displaying that one special decor thing in your home, which will be appropriate for the occasion. Creatively placed, you can attach meaning in your special way to everything at home. It shows your love for taste and being a home proud host. A sofa with calligraphic embroidered cushions may portray Eid, colourful candles in Candle Stands can symbolise Holi and so on.Festivals and festivities are your excuses for celebrating happiness. It’s also your chance to show off your creativity with home furniture and decor and resonate with the vibe in the air.


Social media is influencing home décor trends, with pictures of overwhelmingly beautiful and tastefully curated rooms flooding our news feeds on a daily basis. We spend hours poring over the wonders that Instagram holds, only to wonder why our homes don’t look even remotely as chic. These inspiring, picture perfect set-ups may seem hard to emulate, but what if we tell you that you too can have what we call an “insta-worthy” home.

Instagram-worthy interiors are simple and very much achievable. If you want to spruce up your home in tune with the pictures you see on the gram, begin with one corner at a time. The smart use of a few key pieces can do the trick for you. Add flair to your home with statement pieces along with fun accessories and décor pieces.

When it comes to interiors, that Insta-worthy moment translates to artfully-chosen coffee tables and enviable furniture. place a set of vintage magazines and classic books to add inspiration and style. Make arrangements for your comfort beside the coffee table. Add a roomy leisure chair. Complement it with plush decorative cushions. You can add a dash of luxe and depth with little detailing in your space. Give your walls a distinct character. Decorative wall mirrors are a great way to add charm and elegance. They make spaces look bigger and brighter. Lastly, create a magical ambience for your space with candleholders. Candle holders can serve as your table centerpiece, accent an end table or add soft lighting to a countertop. It will leave a pleasant and glowing impression in your pictures.

Always think of your home as a blank canvas to tell your story. Design and decorate your space with items and elements that are unique to your personality. The world is your oyster and the design possibilities are endless. It’s all about mixing and matching, scale, balance, lines, texture and color to create a cohesive and timeless space that reflects your style.

European decor is all about concise structure, graceful lines, splendid colors and a keen sense of art, that leaves a lasting impression. Our ‘European Collection’ is crafted to add a sense of elegance to your space. Whichever room you’re thinking of decorating, our curated selection of European Furniture is the inspiration you’re looking for.

Refresh your colour scheme. Paint your walls with refined colours that have neutral tones. They make your furniture, artwork and accent pieces standout. Red, brown and warm jewel tones are popular colors. Fusing these bold accent colors with neutral walls creates a warm and inviting space that also feels dignified. Fine upholstery, button tufting, classic arm chairs and metallic detailing are a few elements common to most European furniture, that gives it a regal appeal.

This style is all about precision and detailing. You find a lot of elements that bring a unique charm like candle holders, classic lamps and shades, vases, designer cushions, mirrors, ashtrays and chandeliers. Add a dash of gold and silver to any of these accessories to bring some natural sophistication in your decor. Symmetry is paramount in European style. Almost everything comes in pairs. This includes sofas, chairs, end tables, lamps, and accessories. The purpose of pairing these pieces is to create a balanced space around an important focal point.

Understand the distinguishing features of this style, and find pieces that echo that. In this collection, iconic pieces from the mid century have been adapted and given a modern spin. This style of decor is perfect for both small and large spaces. It has a warm and casual feel that will fit beautifully into your home. By incorporating some or all of these elements, you can create an aesthetic appeal that is unique to your taste. If you require a little more guidance, or want ideas to redesign your room, drop in to any of our stores and speak to our design experts. We are always happy to help.

Your bedroom is a space where you spend almost half of your day and one third of your life! Craft a bedroom style that is an ultra calming sanctuary. This is a space where you start and end your day. Conventional ideas associated with bedrooms tend to be on the serene and soothing end of the design spectrum. If that approach leaves you yawning, buck the trend and go instead for a fresh makeover for a better visual appeal. Like a puzzle, it will take a little shuffling and some trial and error to get the right feeling. Take care of the little details that will help you craft a roomy and comfy bedroom style.

Your Bed is the focal point of your room, around which every other piece is placed. Depending on the space and configuration of your room select a King size or a Queen size bed. From wooden bed frames to upholstered headboards, there is a bed that seamlessly fits in your space. Further check for storage space in your room. If it's too less opt for a bed set with storage. Now when you've ticked off functionality make arrangements for comfort. Make room for a stylish accent or leisure chair if you have a large space. A comfortable chair is an exceptional place to relax whether it's in your living room or a master bedroom suite. Look for a chair that makes you lean back and relax after a long tiring day. Create a curated look which is unique to your taste.

When thinking about how to make your bedroom as relaxing as it can be, begin with lighting. Bedside lamps are ideal for creating atmospheric lighting which is soothing and creates a relaxing environment. In addition to the ambience, table lamps can build a sense of symmetry if placed in pairs.

Choosing a colour scheme for your walls to create a designer bedroom can be difficult, which is why you should go for colour continuity. Selecting just two colors, typically a neutral and an accent color. It can help you navigate through multiple choices without getting perplexed.

You can add a personality and luxury to your bedroom with little effort. Throws and pillows are a fantastic way to add instant luxe and charm. We adore our collection of embroidered polysilk, leather and geometric print cushions that are plush, comfortable and add elegance to a space. The various styles, patterns and upholstery makes sure that you find the perfect match for your king size bed. The last thing you need to inspect is, if you've included the bedroom essentials in your space. For all the bits and bobs that you keep looking for every time, make sure there is a bedside table. Bedside tables are easy to access and are a stylish way of keeping all your valuables nearby. A decorator's secret weapon, decorative mirrors can bring just as much visual interest to your walls as art. They're enchantments that will brighten and energize any place you put them.

We hope we've given you plenty of ideas for creating a truly beautiful bedroom that you can unwind in every night. If you'd like a little more guidance, or even for ideas to redesign your room entirely, come to any of our stores and speak to our design experts for creating captivating spaces.

Why wait for a special occasion to give a glamorous look to your home? Surround your space with resplendent lighting & feel that way everyday. Your lighting style can turn your dull space into a gorgeous one in the flick of a switch.


Selecting the lighting for each room in your home involves more than just picking out what appeals to your tastes and preferences. You'll also need to consider how you use the space, what kind of lighting the space will need at different times of day, as well as what mood you'll want the room to convey.

Begin with balancing the soft lighting of the lamps online & the bold lighting of feature pendants. The sheer exuberance of a chandelier can transform a space. So why save all the fun for the formal dining room? There's a place for a chandelier in every room of your home. You just need to select the one that fits in your space appropriately. For example, a crystal chandelier may look out of place in a rustic, lodge-type room and a large pendant lamp can overpower a smaller room. Mix and match different materials like glass, metal, crystal or fabric to add a unique effect. Lighting in layers can add charm and set a beautiful atmosphere.

Ambient lighting is your friend when it comes to soft natural feeling light in a room. Floor lamps are great for illuminating a large space with minimal commitment. They can easily adapt to furniture rearrangements offering myriad variations. With stylistic roots in the tools of photography, the tripod lamp combines stability and sculptural finesse. Tall floor lamps make the best choice for ambient lighting. Place these lamps in rooms where you don't have overhead lighting. They light the room in a diffused way, creating a warm and soft glow. Some floor lamps are adjustable, so they can be raised or lowered according to your task.

A table lamp or gooseneck lamp typically works best for a study table or bedside table. It instantly creates a cozy reading spot & emits perfectly angled light. Generally speaking, the more eye-catching the base, the simpler the shade should be. You can't go wrong with a plain white or off-white fabric shade. For pure glam, opt for a gold or silver decorative base; for a quieter touch of luxe, go for a simple metallic base.

With varied styles of table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers you can create a space that is warm & inviting. Be it a get-together, some quality family time or a quiet evening by yourself, good lighting can make your space lively and exciting.